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Tony & Gail McWilliams
Tony and Gail McWilliams are a dynamic couple who intertwine their diverse gifts to effectively communicate and minister to others. Tony's teaching ability and Gail's motivational application inspire leaders, families and individuals, nationally and internationally, with a message of valuing life, embracing the potential of the home, delighting in godly principles and becoming channels for the gospel to other spheres of influence. The evidence of transformed lives measures their effectiveness in this generation and the next.

Gail and Tony speak at conferences, conventions, corporations, churches and lead marriage and family seminars. They are frequent banquet speakers for various ministry events and are guests on TV and radio, which include Life Today with James and Betty Robison, CBN Network, and other media appearances in St. Louis, Dallas, Buffalo and Santa Fe. Some recent engagements have also included Focus on the Family, Care Net Convention and Heartbeat International. They serve as adjunct instructors at Christ For The Nations Institute where they give 85 presentations annually on the subjects of Godly Parenting, Marriage and Family, Ministry Priorities, Leadership and Authentic Character Training.

Part of their resume includes thirteen years of pastoring, co-hosting a weekly television show, founding and administrating a Christian school, and authoring published books. They have also founded Generations Global, a national and international ministry organization with a multi-generational vision to motivate and inspire others.

Gail's new book Seeing Beyond, with foreword by Zig Ziglar, has had great reviews. Her personal story of how she lost her eyesight and the resulting impact on their family is amazing and challenges the reader to have a bigger vision. The book has been translated into Spanish with a Japanese translation in process. Tony and Gail recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and enjoy their five miracle children, which the doctors said they would never have! A newly delivered grandson adds incredible joy to their family.

Tony has spent the last several years as a teacher and pastor and finds his greatest rewards tackling areas where understanding is dim and hope diminished. His insights encourage understanding for those who want to mature and be successful in life. Especially important to Tony is a message concerning the times in which we live and how families can be strong for the days ahead. His principled teaching helps others focus on those unchanging concepts that can make the difference in a needy world.

Gail McWilliams is an effective motivational and inspirational speaker in demand for both Christian and corporate events. She is a successful author and recording artist, as well as a vivacious and humorous speaker. She couples real life with penetrating wisdom and helps one to see beyond today. She inspires others to expand their vision and to reach for more in their lives, work and home. Her humor, warmth and transparent life entertain, challenge, and inspire her audiences. She is a woman of great influence, wisdom, and truth. Her family remains her first love as she embraces the potential of her home. Gail's reach is global, her passion is people, and her interest is leaders.

Tony and Gail live in Dallas, Texas.

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